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  • Tech Insider: The Road to Generation 2

    By: John Dargis, Vice President of Research & Development at SmileDirectClub Being part of a disruptive and innovative company that transforms lives through the power of a smile has been an incredible journey. In the past eight years, we have grown our manufacturing operation significantly, and

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  • SmileDirectClub, HP and the future of 3D printing in manufacturing

    3D printing can enable the creation of highly personalized products at scale. SmileDirectClub teamed up with HP to harness the power of 3D printing to make its aligners and retainers at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Its fleet of 60+ 3D printers make the Company’s SmileHouse one of

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  • Four dental tech trends to improve your oral health

      The world of dental health has come a long way from plastic toothbrushes and regular checkups. New high-tech tools — from dental robots to teledentistry — are making taking care of your teeth easier, and in some cases, more cost effective, than ever before.

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  • Power of a smile: Allisandra has the smile of her dreams

    In middle school and high school, Allisandra would get made fun of for her crooked teeth. “I felt like everybody loved to smile and was really confident in who they were, and I didn’t really have that aspect in my life,” she says. At the time, she asked her dad for braces, but it wasn’t in the

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  • Do I need an X-ray before starting my teeth straightening?

    In traditional orthodontics, step one is often getting a dental X-ray before your doctor starts straightening any teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA) has revised its guidelines to answer the question of how often dental X-rays are recommended.

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  • Power of a smile: Iury found the courage to be himself

    Changing the way you look on the outside can change the way you feel on the inside. Just ask Iury. He didn’t like his crooked teeth, so he never smiled. “I didn’t want people to actually look at me,” he says. “I was afraid they would look at me the way I looked at myself.” Iury felt like he was

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