Our Innovation

Our Innovation

Transformative Innovation

Innovation is in SmileDirectClub’s DNA. We created the first medtech platform for teeth straightening that revolutionized orthodontia, helping more people get a smile they love. We didn’t stop there. We are continually improving the experience for our customers while inventing the next generation of oral care by leveraging leading-edge technologies.

Innovation Portfolio

Our team of experts including Ph.D. materials scientists and engineers is focused on an expansive portfolio to evolve the company from marketing-led to innovation-led.

Innovation Framework

Our Technology Competencies

We have deepened our expertise in the latest technologies that will help to bring our vision to life across our innovation portfolio. These tech competencies are a core asset of our business.

AI and Machine Learning

Imagine the mind of the world’s leading expert in clear aligner therapy powering your SmileDirectClub experience. We are harnessing value from our smile dataset to benefit our customers and our affiliated network of state-licensed doctors through our growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities. 

AI product screen illustration
Aligner and manufacturing technology

Aligner and Manufacturing Technology

We built a state-of-the-art FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Antioch, TN, USA – capable of producing millions of aligners per month. Our world-class R&D Team is focused on what’s next through explorations in force application, materials, aligner designs, and manufacturing techniques that will make the next generation of aligners more comfortable and effective. Our future aligner may still look like a conventional aligner, but its design will be much more intelligent, backed by scientific data, and deliver a superior experience.

Treatment Planning

Our proprietary treatment planning software, SmileOS, is the foundation for clear aligner therapy with SmileDirectClub. We are committed to enhancing its capabilities to lead the category in speed, accuracy and results. Customized treatment plans combined with personalized aligner design is the future we aim to create.

Treatment planning software

Tech Insider

Read behind-the-scenes stories of our technological advancements from the innovators at SmileDirectClub.

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