Why Invest in

Why Invest

Our Opportunity

Our Opportunity

Through our innovative and pioneering telehealth platform for orthodontia, our clear aligner treatment addresses the large and underserved global orthodontics market.

  • An estimated 85% of people worldwide could benefit from orthodontic care, yet less than 1% receive it each year, with cost being the biggest issue.
  • There are approximately 21 million orthodontic case starts a year.
  • We have successfully helped an incremental 1.9 million people get a smile they love.

We are in the very early stages of capturing our fair share of this untapped market and plan to expand it and improve penetration by democratizing access to a more affordable, convenient, and accessible solution for a straighter smile.

Our Innovation

SmileDirectClub pioneered the first telehealth platform for orthodontia that connects doctors with their patients.
We built a state-of-the-art FDA certified and registered manufacturing facility – capable of producing millions of aligners per month and home to one of the largest fleets of 3D printers in North America.
We created the first end-to-end solution for the smile with our premium clear aligner therapy and line of category-disrupting oral care products.
We developed a captive financing option with SmilePay, offering consumers a convenient monthly payment option. Currently utilized by approximately 60% of our customers.
We hold 47 patents and counting from the USPTO, fortifying numerous innovations across the business, including our SmileShop retail concept and digital customer treatment journey.
The Company built a vertically integrated business model that we believe is nearly impossible to replicate.

Our Strategy

We are focused on sustaining controlled and profitable growth by:

  • driving adoption and utilization in dental practices
  • delivering a superior customer experience
  • penetrating new demographics, such as teens and higher income households
  • taking an omnichannel approach to customer acquisition
  • introducing innovative oral care solutions
  • investing in R&D
Our Strategy
Our Growth

Our Growth

SmileDirectClub has grown from a disruptive start-up into a publicly traded, international oral care leader.

  • We are headquartered in Nashville, TN and have become one of the largest employers in the area.
  • Now in 5 markets, SmileDirectClub continues to expand its presence in the the U.S., Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Ireland.
  • Our growing Partner Network has amassed hundreds of active partner locations, giving customers a third option to get started right from a dentist’s chair and doctors the ability to offer SmileDirectClub to their patients.
  • Our line of category disrupting oral care products are now available in 16,000+ retail stores across the US and Canada.

Our Seasoned Leadership Team and Board

Our leadership team has a wealth of business and operational knowledge with extensive experience in disrupting and democratizing industries, making products more accessible to more people. Together, they have built a culture of innovation and passion for creating smiles, supported by data-driven decision making, discipline, and customer-centric service, while building multiple competitive advantages. We believe our leadership team and Board are well positioned to execute our long-term growth strategy and attract and retain best-in-class talent.

Learn more about our Board of Directors here.

Leadership Team
True Stories

Our Customers

Watch the true stories of real SmileDirectClub customers to find out why they chose SmileDirectClub to straighten their smiles.

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Clinical Studies and The Facts

Research completed by Dr. Marc Ackerman at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine found that teleorthodontic treatment with clear aligners is just as clinically effective in correcting crowding or spacing as when it is conducted in an office setting.
A white paper published by Doctors Douglas Benn and Peter Vig found that radiographs are not clinically necessary for all orthodontic cases and can cause unnecessary harm for patients, including  increased rates of some forms of cancer.
SmileDirectClub directly addresses the myths and urban legends about the Company.
A recent survey found that consumers want telehealth services to continue following the accelerated adoption of telehealth during the pandemic.