Power of a smile: Iury found the courage to be himself

September 23, 2022 at 9:50 AM EDT

Changing the way you look on the outside can change the way you feel on the inside. Just ask Iury.

He didn’t like his crooked teeth, so he never smiled. “I didn’t want people to actually look at me,” he says. “I was afraid they would look at me the way I looked at myself.” Iury felt like he was hiding from the world and afraid to be himself, all because of his teeth.

Then Iury heard about SmileDirectClub, where he could straighten his teeth from home, in as little as 4–6 months,1 for a lower cost than traditional orthodontics. He decided to give it a shot. And he was pleased with how much personal attention he received.

“My favorite thing about SmileDirectClub is that everybody’s there for you,” Iury says. “When I first walked in a SmileShop and they talked to me, it felt really good to finally feel like you’re being heard.”

Iury got a chance to ask all his questions and voice any concerns he had. He also told the SmileGuide exactly how he wanted his teeth to look. The SmileGuide took a scan of his teeth, and then SmileDirectClub got to work. Iury was prescribed a treatment plan and got to see a 3D rendering of his smile transformation.

Within 2 weeks, a big purple box filled with his custom aligners arrived at his door. Iury wore them as directed, did his online check-ins, and saw quick results.

SmileDirectClub was there for him every step of the way, guiding his Smile Journey™. “If I had any questions, I could just grab my phone and text them and they would respond immediately,” Iury says. “It’s like that quick, and they went way beyond what I was expecting.”

Having straight teeth has been life-changing for Iury and created a more profound change than he expected. Not only did his smile improve, but also his outlook on life.

“It changes your thoughts, your inner self,” he says. “I’ve never in my life felt this happy, this confident.”

1Typical SmileDirectClub treatment plans are 4–6 months. See SmileDirectClub.com/claims for details. Results may vary.

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